domingo, 24 de abril de 2016

Augment world book day

After completing some group challenges, we came back to work individually. The new challenge @mjgsm had prepared for us was related to the Book Day, which is the 23th of April. Because of this event, we were requested to created an aura. I want to say that this is the first time I try Aurasma and I think it's fantastic! With this challenge I have realised that we can celebrate the book day at school in a very fun way thanks to this app. The students are going to be more motivated with the aumentaty reality as it differs from traditional ways of celebrating this day such as making bookmarks or other boring things.
First, I will explain what Aurasma is. Aurasma is a HP Autonomy's augmented reality platform that can deliver any content (videos, audio, pictures, animations...) in real time. The final artifact is called ''aura''. If you want to learn how to use Aurasma step by step, you can read this interesting and detailed post of one of my classmates with an explanatory slideshow: 
Once I had everything prepared I entered in Aurasma Studio to create my aura. It is increadibly easy to use since all the steps are clearly explained in the website and it is very intuitive. However, if you have any problem, you can see the steps in the blog's link I put above or watch this tutorial (also created by my peers):

So, first I had to decide what kind of content I wanted to upload: a videoclip or an audio track. I chose the videoclip because I wanted to do it more varied by adding different images. I recorded my voice with my mobile phone and created the video with Camtasia, a tool used in the previous challenge.
Then, I had to choose an image for my aura. At the begining it was going to be the cover of my favourite book, "The little prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery. However, after giving it a thought, I decided to choose an image that cought the audience's attention.
If you feel curious about my reading experience, you can follow me on Aurasma app: GMEstrellaa and then, scan this image to find what is behind:
I also pin my aura on the Pinterest board A Wall of Books. There you will find also more auras created by my fantastic peers.
I hope you find it interesting!!

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