martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

My learning journey throughout the ICT course! In five words: Stay connected to stay inspired!!

Hello everyone!!
 Today, I just wanted to tell you that this is the final post related to the ICT CLIL subject that my peers and I have been enjoying during the Masters degree at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. This brief but intensive period has been very valuable for us for many reasons, for example we've discovered amazing ways of enhacing learning! All of them have been by trial and error -a very positive aspect that doesn't happen every day-.
This fantastic and worthy experience wouldn't have been possible without my peers and my mentor @mjsm. I've learnt much more than I expected at the beginning and in a very engaging way so thank you very much!! Although the process has been hard in specific moments and a bit stressful, I am proud of it because I have been able to achieve almost all the challenges in time and I think that my final products have improved along the course at the same time that my learning skills, so in the end it has been an enriching experience in which there have been more positive things than negative ones.

Here you can see a presentation about my learning progress using the ICT: Click here!
To create that presentation I have used Capzles. It is a nice free online tool which allows you to create very visual presentations using a timeline template. As it is an online tool, we need to “log in” (as we have been doing in previous challenges with other tools). After that, we are more than ready to create presentations!

With Capzles it is possible to include our own materials: pictures, videos, music, podcasts and so on. Thanks to that, you can personalise your presentations according to your needs.

Thanks for reading me and see you soon!!

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