jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016

My CLIL eproject Prototype

Hi bloggers!!
I have news for you!! As you know, we are going to create an eproject but first of all we need to have in mind the CLIL syllabus for Primary Education, a Table of Skills our students must accomplish and the Goals they must achieve.
Based on these guidelines, I have created a basic prototype of what information, topics and activities I'd like to include in your CLIL eproject. Please, take into account that this draft is not definite, it is a first approach,
You can find the prototype of my eproject in the following link in Google Docs where I explain my unit briefly.
I have followed the pieces of advice given by María Jesús (@mjgsm on Twitter) regarding the outline.
I would like to say that as you can read in previous posts, I was thinking about storytelling for my eproject a few weeks ago  but I changed my mind because I think that recycling and the maintenance of our planet is an essential issue that students of all ages must keep in mind. That topic has to be comprehended as a continous learning and carried out in a cross-curricular way at schools. For that reasons it has to be present in formal education as well as informal education. By doing so, we will also help our students to be autonomous learners.
The videoclip that presents my outline has been created with PowToon. This tool offers many possibilities to design videos using a variety of pictures (you can also upload your own images), text effects, animated characters and images, backgrounds, music... Also, you can use a template from a list of different ones, as I did with my video, or you can start creating it by yourself. Here you can see my presentation:
I hope you like it!

My edesign evaluation of a CLIL eproject

Hello everybody!
Before creating our own CLIL eprojects is essential to know some examples created by other teachers and evaluate their work to appreciate what are the strong and weak points ot them and what would we do to improve them. The ebook design that I have evaluated has been one of the previous students of this Master (@somar0209 in Twitter) because when I did that I was thinking of doing my eproject about storytelling or something similar to that and that person had dealt with it before. We can find content related to the mobile e-library that he created with other companions here: http://bookme-library.blogspot.com.es/

This person has selected different stories (some of them are well-known stories, other are invented) and has presented them in different ways. All of them are related to ICT. I have enjoyed exploring that blog because I think that all the posts are meaningful, enjoyable and very well developed.
You can find my ebook designs’ evaluation in this presentation: http://www.genial.ly/View/Index/56dc73ed1561e8074081ef82
 Finally, I have created my edesign evaluation of this CLIL eproject with Genially. This is the first time I use genially but I have chosen it because this tool supports teaching materials which include elements that catch the audience’s attention (i.e. we can add audiovisual features, etc.), and that is one of the reasons why teachers are encouraged to use it in class, simply to engage.