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Creative Common License

Hello again!!
I have a question for you! Do you know why should we write a © copyright notice? Other more specific questions related with the present learning process that we are having as we go with our e-portfolio are:

- What does our license allow others to do with our CLIL e-materials?

- What are good ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly?

I have created a Creative Commons License for my e-portfolio which will cover my CLIL materials and eproject too. You can see it at the bottom of my blog. 

All the terms and conditions of it are available inhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

You can also create your own licence with the conditions you think that are more suitable for you. Just click here: http://creativecommons.org/choose/?lang=en 
The reason why I created it is because I think it's good to share on sites free and people are welcome to download resources for their personal and/or classroom use only. However, design and all contents shouldn't be reproduced in any format or placed on another website without permission. 

As for the question what does my license allow others to do with my CLIL e-materials? The answer is my licence allows people to adapt my work and share it with others but they can’t use them for comercial purposes. In my opinion that’s fantastic because we can save much time by using lesson plans that people have already created but, as in everything, we have to recognise people’s effort and work so if they don’t allow us, we shouldn’t use their work to earn money.
Regarding the last question, what are good ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly? I will work on the importance of respecting other people in a cross-curricular way at school. We will read a story about feelings and the students will create their digital stories based on the story read before but they will have to create a new end too. After that, we will discuss and we will share opinions about how we would feel if someone use our stories to earn money. Finally, we will learn how to cite, attribute the information and create a Creative Commons license for our digital stories too.

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