domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Check my 3,2,1 introduction to know me!!

Hello everybody!! 

A 3,2,1 introduction is a way of introducing yourself presenting interesting information about you in 3 steps: Firstly, tell 3 things that people should know about you. Secondly, share 2 of your passions and finally, tell everybody your dream occupation you would like to have if you weren't what you are at this moment.
At the beginning I used Star Wars creator, that is a helpful tool to create our own Star Wars presentations, to produce my 3,2,1 introduction. It’s very easy to use this video creator, you only need to add a text and the website convert it into a video very quickly.
This website isn’t in the list that María Jesús showed us but the reason of my choice was because I found that web by chance some time ago and I wanted you to know more sites to create presentations. In fact, I’ve already used it to make other presentations before, Star Wars is very trendy now and most of the kids are familiar with it so the videos that you create will probably be very close to their interests.
Other advantage that I want to highlight is that students can create their own presentations in the classroom too, I think they aren’t going to have big problems dealing with it. By doing that, the students will develop familiarity and competence in this area at the same time they learn, communicate and recreate something new. The main drawback that I see is that you can only modify the text but if you like the topic of the video, that will be fine to reach your goals as a Primary Education  English teacher understanding the potential for gaming in class.
Did you like my Star Wars introduction? After a few days, I considered María Jesús' recommendation and, what did I do? I made a new attempt trying another tool which is more suitable for visually attractive introductions, and that allows following the 321 format better. The secret is keep working. The more you work, the better your craft. It’s that simple. The more you create, the easier it is to spot your mistakes. I have used Storybird now. I think that tool is very useful to make our own stories fostering our imagination and creativity. Moreover, I think that Storybird has lots of possibilities to use in the classroom, for instance, children would be able to create their own book easily.  Storybird is very original and full of details. You can add your own characters, backgrounds, objects and also edit them in a great variety of size, proportion and colour. 

Ckeck my 3,2,1 introduction here: 
What I most like about Storybird is that we can see images and text at the same time meanwhile that option is impossible with Star Wars Creator.

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